Monday, May 4, 2015

Vintage Helen Rose Dress and Lucille Ball

I just love this dress, fits like a glove . Its the type of dress that is so timeless, very contemporary.
It has been listed on my Etsy shop this past week.  I will be getting it dry cleaned and ready for purchase this week. Stay tuned. Update: This Helen Rose  dress is soon to be on my new website.

I love a dress with history attached, its by Helen Rose . She was a famous Hollywood designer from the 1936 to 1968-for stars like Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and numerous others, she made these actresses so glamorous.

 Just this week I discovered my favorite movie that features her fashions  can be found in The Long, Long Trailer from 1953. I was so excited to discover this!  Helen Rose created so many fashions for this movie, and they are even being copied today.

- In this flick  you will see sweet party frocks, casual day dresses, a gorgeous wedding gown, and of course Lucy in cute jeans with blouses done in gingham checks and colorful stripes. Too cute for words.

  Enjoy this romp through the movie...

   Click on images for full shot.

My Skotch Kooler from 1953  is in the movie. Gotta love Ebay!

 The original costumes by Helen Rose for Lucille Ball- 1953

  Movie stills not in the movie.

 Hope you enjoyed these wonderful fashions from Helen Rose. Check out this summer movie, its a blast !!!

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