Monday, June 17, 2013

Hemlock Grove 60s Dress On Olivia

   Just finished watching Hemlock Grove on Netflix, and to my utter surprise there was my vintage 60s shift dress on the main character Olivia. Oh my gosh that is too cool. The actress Famek Janssen looked beautiful in this dress. The dress seemed so short on her, she must be at least 5' 11 ft or more in heels. It looked as if the costume designer might have altered it so it would appeal to the younger audience, gotta love their mini dresses.I would consider this dress a couture dress, probably worth a lot in its day.

 I will be selling it on my blog, not on Etsy, too saturated with vintage sellers. I'm getting tired of getting lost in the crowd of vintage dresses. Hee Hee!

 Here's my beauty like the same copy from the show just scroll down .

 Please email me if interested, at

I do take offers.!      
  This was the scene that caught my eye, the beaded collar looked so familiar. Ah ha ! It is my dress to my delight!!!!Famek's is white like all here dresses on the show, mine is cream or champagne white. They might have bleached it white too. I wonder??? Anyhow enjoy this gallery of this dress! Sorry my tv is dying, color did not turn out that good. I will take others and replace these later. I just got so excited my dress was featured on this show. I wonder who the seller for this dress was? I hope they got some kind of fee or  some sort or recognition for there efforts.