Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Touch of Mink I Think?

Here's a cute late 1950s to early 1960s cobalt blue winter coat that I will be listing in a jiffy. Measurements and info coming soon. I fit it perfectly with my wide shoulders and I'm a size medium. It looks nice belted for a fitted style. The only flaw I located is that the button is safety pinned to the coat. The fur could be mink, but I'm not too sure. It's definitely not rabbit or fox. . The label reads- Stevens Hokanum fabric Montera. It is a wool blend- fully lined in blue satin, it has its original label and union tag. Needs to be dry cleaned and the collar needs extra care from a furrier. I will not touch it with my steamer because it might damage the fur. I was told that it can be cleaned with cornmeal to remove the oiliness and smells, which is a good to kno

   A classic coat for this coming fall/winter.

                      Looks great belted, just add some 1950s gloves , a classic purse and you're set.

1950s Black Sheath Dress with Overskirt

                         Here's a great LBD perfect for any special occasion.  Coming soon...

                             Measurements -bust 36-waist 27-28- hips 36- no flaws found

  Please email me at cabbiekat@hotmail.com if you need additional photos or information. Thanks!

My Three Lilli Ann suits coming soon....

 Now that summer is nearly over with even though it is about 67 degrees here in the Puget Sound area, I'm in the mood for Autumn already. I had my Pumpkin spice latte last week, which I felt like the cold weather will be here soon, so I might as well have one early. I decided to blog my fall Lilli Anns here since I have blogged them on my Shopify blog already, so  I will be listing them soon.  Here are the two 50s/ 60s  Lilli Anns and a late 60s Knit Lilli Ann coat set. I'm taking all of these suits to the dry cleaners this coming week so they will be posted with descriptions and condition. If my seamstress has time this week I hope to get my fur collared Lilli  Ann fixed.   I noticed that it has a few holes on the sleeves, looks like someone might have displayed it on a wall or something, the holes are too perfectly aligned or a very talented moth, hehe.  The blue plaid suit is in great condition only discoloration on the underarms, no odors or tears. The 60s mod dress and coat needs some work. The dress has some light stains could be bleached out. The coat has a small tear , the owner must have pinned a heavy brooch or something to the lapel. I did notice when trying it on the lining is coming loose, not bad but will need to be repaired. Again I will have these all listed after fully repaired and dry cleaned.

This is why I love Lilli Anns....

  I have been a huge Lilli Ann fan for years, I purchase my very first one in high-school at a local vintage shop in the 1980s. Thanks to the vintage shop Kitchy- Koo I fell in love with a Lilli Ann  faux leopard print coat. This coat is long gone, I ended up selling it to a gal at a local coffee shop. Boy, do I miss that coat of mine.  When I get one it is hard to let go, but boy do they sell  fast.  I had such  a good week when one coat went to California, a dress went to NYC and now my favorite one is off to the UK.  I have only three more Lilli Ann suits left in my collection, I hope they sell soon. I might keep them, hehe. I have not listed them on my website until they come back from the dry cleaners this week, and one will need some repairs. I will blog them later...stay tuned.

Here are the beauties that are now in happy homes...

Monday, September 7, 2015

Winter Wonderland Emma Domb 1950s Formal XS

 Coming soon to the website is a fab 1950s Emma Domb formal . This Emma Domb gown is a cream colored formal with two layers of netted tulle, a full underskirt, side metal zipper, fitted halter bodice with accented silver ruffles. What a fantastic winter wonderland dress, perfect for a winter wedding or any other special occasion coming up.

 The dress has been worn it is not in mint condition. Whoever owned this dress loved it. It was definitely worn on the dance floor.I located small breaks in the netting near the back of skirt and  near the hemline, an open seam on the tulle,a few tiny marks on the front skirt it gets lost in the tulle and a mark on the back of the bodice.  The bottom of the tulle has some rough edges, not too sure if this this from the manufacture or not. I would add more tulle to this dress if you want a more poufy look.

      This gown needs a good professional steaming. The tulle is very wrinkly,I won't touch it for fear of ruining the netted tulle. I have a seamstress that maybe able to fix the breaks on the tulle, keeping my fingers crossed that she will tackle it. I won't touch it. There's no perspiration stains or discoloration . The wide underskirt  is in good condition for its age. I believe the formal owner must have cherished it and stored it away in her hope chest. Even with these small flaws it's still a very wearable dress there's plenty of life left in this ball gown for many special occasions.

 The color is off white  or cream not white as my photos show. The bodice and the underskirt are off white and the netted layers of tulle are white.

This dress I would say would fit a modern day 2-4.  Please remember this is from the 1950s so they wore a lot of underpinning , which is important for that proper fit. I would look for a  1950s vintage corset, or fitted body shaper to wear with this tight bodice.

 Measurements Bust- 32-33 no stretch after that- Waist-24-25 no stretch after that-Hips open full-Bodice-11-Length- 54 inches

My mannequin did not fit the dress properly so it is displayed without the spaghetti straps, but it can be worn as a strapless with proper underpinning. It does have boning, but could use more support.

   I found some terrific advertisements from the 1950s when this dress came out. Just take a look at the prices, yes thing have indeed changed.

 The gown has a poufy crinoline underneath to display its fullness, looks good with or without one.

 Please note all photos.  Found two breaks in netting , some tiny marks on tulle and one on back of bodice.

 Please email me at cabbiekat@hotmail.com if you need information or more photos.

Thanks for checking out my blog.