Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My Three Lilli Ann suits coming soon....

 Now that summer is nearly over with even though it is about 67 degrees here in the Puget Sound area, I'm in the mood for Autumn already. I had my Pumpkin spice latte last week, which I felt like the cold weather will be here soon, so I might as well have one early. I decided to blog my fall Lilli Anns here since I have blogged them on my Shopify blog already, so  I will be listing them soon.  Here are the two 50s/ 60s  Lilli Anns and a late 60s Knit Lilli Ann coat set. I'm taking all of these suits to the dry cleaners this coming week so they will be posted with descriptions and condition. If my seamstress has time this week I hope to get my fur collared Lilli  Ann fixed.   I noticed that it has a few holes on the sleeves, looks like someone might have displayed it on a wall or something, the holes are too perfectly aligned or a very talented moth, hehe.  The blue plaid suit is in great condition only discoloration on the underarms, no odors or tears. The 60s mod dress and coat needs some work. The dress has some light stains could be bleached out. The coat has a small tear , the owner must have pinned a heavy brooch or something to the lapel. I did notice when trying it on the lining is coming loose, not bad but will need to be repaired. Again I will have these all listed after fully repaired and dry cleaned.

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