Saturday, January 9, 2016

Red 60s Dress-perfect splash of color for this winter....

 Here's a 1960s scarlet red jacquard floral print dress. It has a full pleated skirt bottom, sleeveless bodice, and a back hidden nylon zipper. It does not have a label nor washing instruction.The inner zipper has a a stamp on it with "do not iron", but that's all I can go by.  It is made very well. I paired it up with a vintage sweater and added my trusty belt, looks great.

Please note this dress is not Made In China.( I am getting so sick to death of cheap, imitation vintage inspired dresses that keep popping up everywhere, we are being saturated with cheap clothes, please buy local, resale, vintage, or consignment when you can, save this beautiful EARTH )  Sorry , now off my soapbox.

Here's the measurements:
                         bust 34-36        
                         waist 28
                         hips full
                         length 38 
                         rib-cage 30 small

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Now in shop 50s Lilli Ann Cocoon Coat L

Here's a wool cocoon coat by Lilli Ann Paris California. It is from the late 50s, fully lined, accented with curly Persian lamb ( not too sure if it's real) and has a sweet front bow. It is a large size, but can be cinched at the waist with a vintage belt, to give it a more fitted look.  The Princess coats that I've seen on the web are so expensive, this is all you have to do to achieve that 50s new look or  princess coat look is add a large belt.  The waist appear smaller too, cool tip from the 50s.