Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Vintage 30s 40s Rare Gucci Black Leather Handbag

Here's my vintage Gucci that I have treasured for a long time now. I got it at my friend's antique shop. She had it wrapped up already for me. She knew she could have sold it for tons, but she thought of me with my little vintage collection at that time. When I looked at the handbag, I loved it, but did not look at the gold stamp inside the purse.She told me to examine my treasure, so I did. I nearly  fainted when I saw that it was a real Gucci handbag. I knew it was old, but not too sure how old it really was? My friend told me that she  it was indeed older, it dates from the late 30s to early 40s. I was astounded !!! I thought it was from the 1960s.  At the time I did not check with the internet, didn't seem to use it that much. Actually there was not a lot of websites available for research  back then.  I have treasured it since then, and only use on special occasions, it's housed in a Calvin Klein cotton pouch and kept in a acid free paper in a box.  I have decide since I don't use it that much, and my friend has passed on. I want to sell it to someone who will treasure it and really love it, possible a collector of vintage purses, I hope. I have never seen one on the internet,only the ones for later years. My husband even called Gucci US in New Jersey, and they told us to get it appraised at Christie's. He said we have a rare one indeed, and it would be ashamed not to share it  or find a true collector.

  The condition of this purse is good, it's not perfect in anyway. Circa 1930s-early 1940s , this was before he use cane bamboo for his purse handles. It comes before the Kelly Bag  and Jackie Bag, these came after mine. It's truly an old Gucci. purse. The inside is traditional Gucci red, and there's a metal zipper not a nylon one that is on the Kelly Bag. The handbag needs to be professional polished by a leather expert or cobbler that deals with leather purses. It was stored away for a long time, it needs some work. The inside has some flaws, only from age not from use. It has normal crackling from age, not bad. There are no tears on the inside, but a few scuff marks on the outside that needs some buffing out with good professional polish. The metal zipper is old, but works fine.. The compartments of the purse needs to be dusted out, not bad.  The metal turn latch is discolored from  possibly the elements. The bottom of the purse has some wear , normal use. It was well loved , and has held up for its age. It was used. this is in no way mint condition, but very good condition for its age. Not quite an antique, but soon will be. A great heirloom piece to pass on to generations to come if handled and cared for correctly.

  I hope to list it on Etsy as well next to all the hundreds of Gucci handbags, mine is a classic.  I do accept reasonable offers, you can email me at cabbiekat@hotmail.com