Thursday, December 6, 2018


 I have decided to close my To Dress Vintage shop on Etsy, but will keep my Only Couture Etsy

 shop open for now.

Currently I sell on the following sites-

 Ecrater ( its free to list which is a plus in my book)

Tradesy   ( only listing a few items)

Poshmark (app)

Depop   (app)

and Tumblr

I will be listing my entire To Dress Vintage inventory and offering good deals.

Please email me if interested in any of my garments.

Thank you for your patience,


Tuesday, November 27, 2018

New Inventory coming your way, but first a RANT!!!!

  Boy, has this been a hectic year. December is nearly here and there's so much to list on my Etsy.

 Not really bad news for buyers but for sellers, its pretty hard to swallow........

 Etsy has now started taking their fees and now state tax.

It's a bit frustrating, but with this I'm moving forward.

We all have to pay taxes, even for the Estate Sales sellers, and yes the Pop Up Shops too.

There's no way around it. We will be charged for everything. Sellers are leaving I have noticed, but

I'm going to  try my best and stick it out.  I'm not gonna let this get me down.

So moving of from my slight rant....

My new inventory....

These items will be for sale on my ETSY,  Poshmark , Ecrater, Tradesy and Depop

.Just message me if interested in any of these new items.

 I will  still have a sale section, but I won't  have any direct sale through ETSY.  Meaning

once it has been listed for one month or more, I will be putting it in my sale section.

Here are my items for this month ...

    1990s VERA MONT  two piece, very couture.
   1940s Sapphire Blue Crushed Velvet Opera Coat
   RARE 1950s circle skirt by DEDE JOHNSON
  1950s 1960s MODE O DAY Tuxedo Ruffled Blouse

  1950s Startlet  Hollywood Grey TEDDY BEAR Car Coat

  1980s STENAY from India- a SILK BEADED BLOUSE

  and my favorite a traditional 1950s PENDLETON 49NER PlAID JACKET


Sunday, July 1, 2018

Vintage Vintage Vintage is here.

Today I have listed some items on Etsy. I'm trying to keep my vintage affordable, even with all the changes with Etsy is currently going through. I will be listing my newer items here along with older garments that 'Ive have on other sites. You can locate my vintage on  Ecrater, Tradesy,  Tictail, Big Cartel, Poshmark ,Vinted and Depop. Etsy is where my main collection is located. I have two stores, To Dress Vintage and Only Couture. Just email me if you have any questions, spammers will be deleted, thanks.

Please contact me if interested in any of these garments.
To Dress Vintage , owner Jane

Saturday, March 4, 2017

80s Does 50s Hawaiian Skirt

 Here's my very own vintage skirt, gosh I loved wearing this to Viva years ago. I have decided to part with it, so someone else can enjoy it and they will. It is a large so many sizes can fit it, tons of stretch to this little beauty.

 Here's the link to this skirt-

Maker - Unknown

Fabric : Cotton mix

Features:Hawaiian tropical rockabilly Viva Las Vegas Skirt

-polished cotton poly blend- retro 50s circle skirt -

it's very durable on the dance floor- - the black blouse ,crinoline and belt are not included

Measurements One size fits all- marked as One size Fits All- waist flat - 28 tons of stretch 36 or more - length 29-

Condition - Excellent

All sales are final, no returns.

Thanks for checking out my shop on Etsy.

Wishing It Was Summer

 It has been such a long winter, spring is nearly here in about 16 days, but I'm dreaming of summer right now.

 I have gone through my vintage collection and decided to start posting again,been very busy this past year, but I'm still here. Omaa indayaa !!! ( Ojibwe)

 These items will be on my website in the near future, but you can find them on Etsy right now.

 Please email me at if you have any questions or message me on Etsy, thanks.

 This 60s 70s cotton mini muumuu Hawaiian dress now available, just message me for
details. I have this muumuu styled with a belt, it really is an a-line tent dress perfect for
a beach cover up this summer. Just pair this with some cute espadrilles or salt water sandals and voila, a fun beach look.