Monday, March 31, 2014

Now at FIT Museum Joan Crawford's Red Gown

 This gown is from one of my favorite movies of hers, from 1937 The Bride Wore Red .It would have been great seeing this vibrant dress on the big screen.

Here it is in all its fantastic glory, wow!

Elegance in an Age of Crisis: Fashions of the 1930s

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mrs Norma Bates Fashion Icon

 The  costume designer Monique Prudhomme  created such a wonderful wardrobe for Vera Farmiga.. I love her floral print blouses, a line skirts, and her classic dresses.  I can't wait to see what  her character wears next.....
 I  love this show and now it's on Hulu and Netflix which makes it even better because I don't have cable tv.

 I found all these outfits from here

 Here's the direct link to this character's wardrobe.

 Here are my favorite outfits that  actress Vera Farmiga wore as Norma Bates.

I'm so obsessed with her wardrobe that I ordered this dress from Le Bombe shop .com a few days ago I never buy dresses for myself only for my shop, but I'm such a huge Hollywood nerd - for a mere $54.00 and shipping I just could not let this item slip through my fingers. . Here's the link
I just got my dress in the mail today as I  finished this post. I'm so happy that its from Seattle, now that's cool.  The dress comes with an extra button, but no matching belt. The yellow trim is not so bright like on the website, which I like.  Just found out that the label is by Aryeh from Los Angeles. Felicity Huffman from Desperate Housewives was seen in a pretty floral Aryeh, so I know its a good brand.

 The dress is a light cotton, not poly.  It is lined only on the bodice, but not the skirt. I just tried it on, and I should have gotten a small instead of a medium. Anyhow, it looks great with a belt. The length is perfect with wedge sandals and Keds. I love the over sized apron pockets. The cut of the dress is perfect for me. I am such a sucker for polka dots and a line skirts.

 The dress looks easy to care for and very durable. I've had retro inspired dresses that were made so poorly that after a few washes they fell apart, sorry Forever 21 you're off my shopping list. This dress will be such fun to wear and easy to accessorize with. I already have navy blue espadrilles that will match perfectly and a faded yellow scarf.  Thank you so much Le Bomb Shop !!!!! Now go to their website and get that special dress you always wanted. The prices are wonderful and such fun dresses to pick from. They even have mod dresses too, okay I'm hooked. See ya soon Le Bomb Shop of Seattle, glad I found you!!!!