Monday, March 4, 2013

LA Frock Stars!!!

  Just watched LA Frock Stars yesterday. Wow, what a cool show! I liked all the dresses that were featured, especially the segment with the gorgeous Dita Von Tesse. Her style is impeccable and you can tell that she loves vintage. I really loved the information about the owner of the shop, she started selling her collection of vintage at flea markets and now look where she is, her gowns are 50,000 for her couture. I've seen her garments featured on 1stDibs.and they are beautiful  and very expensive because they are one of a kind, and in most cases from couture collectors. This show will help bring vintage into the mainstream , which is very good for retailers and will help with the economy. I'm so happy that I can watch it on my computer, I never watch tv anymore.

 News Flash!!!!
      Vintage Martini our favorite vintage shop will be featured on episode 3!!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!

   Congratulations to them!!!! Spread the news and watch it !

 Just found Doris Raymonds blog- website

Here are some iconic favorites-
Paco Rabanne Dress

  Vivienne Westwood Boule Dress
Claire McCardell Cotton Dress
 1920s Floral Lame Gown
  1960s 1970s Adele Simpson Mint Green Gown with Rhinestones

 The last two dresses are featured on Doris's website from 1st Dibs, a very high end website. I was honored when one of the buyers from 1stDibs contacted me and said they would be interested in my collection in the near future. That made my day!!! 

The websites fee to join is way out of my price range, but for a high end seller its a walk in the park, so to speak.

    The floral gown is sold, how much I wonder? The last dress on my list of favorites is featured on their show. It's a fabulous Adele Simpson. An iconic piece for a vintage collector.

 Here's her fabulous shop, a vintage lovers heaven.

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