Thursday, March 28, 2013

60s TV and Fashion

  This is still vintage related. I have discovered for the first time the tv show from the 60s called The Mothers In -Law which was produced by Dezi Arnaz , who was the husband of Lucille Ball. I saw clips of this tv show on You Tube , but they were all deleted and I gave up thinking I would never see it again. Amazon has it for sale , but all my cash goes to vintage, so I would have to wait.

 Now Hulu Plus has this show along with the  The Lucy Show and Here's Lucy , which I'm a huge fan of. This really made my day!

While I was watching the Mothers In- Law , I spied a pattern of a dress that reminded me of my 60s scooter dress that I will be listing on our Etsy site soon.

    This dress looks very similar, but Eve Arden's must be silk and from a famous Hollywood designer, I need to check with the credits to see who her designer was.

     This scooter dress is 100% cotton and meant for a teenager. It is funny how the trends bounced back and forth form mother to daughter, how cute. Nowadays, mothers want to look like their daughters, LOL.

Here's our 60s scooter dress that resembles Eve Arden's day dress.

Maker - Unknown
Fabric - Cotton


Bust - 36
Waist - 30
Hips - 40
Total Length 35'

Condition - Good - missing belt only - no other flaws found - no smell, stains or holes.
All buttons are present and I believe they are lucite.

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