Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Don Loper Dresses now on Etsy and my website!

I have had this love for Don Loper dresses for sometime, it all started when I saw that "I Love Lucy " episode in which he played himself, I was hooked.
   Many Hollywood icons have had a love for him. The most famous has to be Marilyn Monroe, she wore his dress for an early 1951  photo shoot at his gallery in LA and thought out the 50s. Other famous starlets like Carol Landis,  Yvette Mimieux, Connie Francis, and many others wore his gowns. Just Google Don Loper and find out for yourself. Gotta love the web! Mine are still on there as well from my old website at Babylon Mall and my Only Couture blog too.
  My first Don Loper dress from the 1950s sold a few years ago to some nice man who bought the dress for his wife. I 'm sure she treasures that dress.  Silly me,I forgot to try it on, which makes me sad. The dress has probably been to fancy galas, museum art shows, and yes even romantic candle light suppers.  Ah how sweet of that nice husband , what a cool guy!

Here's young Marilyn Monroe from 1951 in a Loper original, back then his gowns sold for thousands in his gallery showroom on Sunset Blvd. via tumblr withlovemarilynmonroe via tumblr alwaysmarilymonroe
Here's my lovelies that I will be showcasing on both my new website in the works, and on my Etsy shop.

Hurry over there and check them out! Just email me at if interested in any garment.


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nazia shah said...

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