Saturday, March 4, 2017

80s Does 50s Hawaiian Skirt

 Here's my very own vintage skirt, gosh I loved wearing this to Viva years ago. I have decided to part with it, so someone else can enjoy it and they will. It is a large so many sizes can fit it, tons of stretch to this little beauty.

 Here's the link to this skirt-

Maker - Unknown

Fabric : Cotton mix

Features:Hawaiian tropical rockabilly Viva Las Vegas Skirt

-polished cotton poly blend- retro 50s circle skirt -

it's very durable on the dance floor- - the black blouse ,crinoline and belt are not included

Measurements One size fits all- marked as One size Fits All- waist flat - 28 tons of stretch 36 or more - length 29-

Condition - Excellent

All sales are final, no returns.

Thanks for checking out my shop on Etsy.


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