Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Alfred Angelo's Burlesque Style Dress

Up for offer is this fantastic Alfred Angelo's fun cocktail dress. Actually it would be a perfect performance dress for a singer or classic burlesque dancer. The dress of course would need to be altered, in order to perform a strip tease, but that's up to you. I will be listing this dress on my Etsy this week, so stay tuned. I found some great snap shots of classic burlesque performers from the 50s. Gotta love their fishtail dresses, similar to mine. Sorry about the color change, the dress is a dark blue not black. The sparkles are  not colorful , they are silver. The dress does have some of the sparkles missing, not bad when you're on stage. The last closeup shows the true color and what the sparkles look like up close, they are not beads or sequins. Measurements are 34 bust- waist-28 hips 36 - medium size dress, there's no stretch due to fabric. If you are interested in this dress just email me at or check out the dress on my To Dress Vintage Etsy shop. Thanks!

Look at Rita Hayworth's dress from the 1952 movie" Affair in Trinidad" , what a knockout dress.
Have fun with vintage!

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