Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Abe Schrader 50s 60s Cocktail Dress on Website

 Here's a dress by the King of 5th Avenue NY , who lived to be 100! Hooray ! I have a few dresses by Abe Schrader from the 70s and 80s, but it's very rare when I locate one from the late 50s to early 60s. I have no clue which era it comes from???  It look like it comes from the late 50s, but it could be later than that.  This dress will be on website this week. Please note that this  dress has some issues, first its not new old stock, its had a fun life somewhere. The woman who owned this dress wore it a lot, I can tell by the seams, and lining. This dress is not worn out, can be fixed with a little TLC. The seams on the underarms need some stitching,  there's a hole on the neckline probably from a brooch and a few small snags on the bodice, not that bad. I'm selling the dress in as is condition, or I can see how much it will be to repair some the flaws. The snags are too hard for repair, I'm afraid they might ruin it by mistake. But, with all these flaws, this dress is wearable and very classic.

 Measurements- bust 32-34 the arms lays flat akimbo like -waist-26-hips 34 tight 36-bodice-17-shoulders-15-length-43 - this dress looks much bigger , but it's not. I would say it's a small to petite size.

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 These photos shows the true color, yes its blue not black.

 The back of the dress has nice fan effect, so elegant.

        Love this accented bow and faux midi- corset look, too sexy!

 Here are some 50s 60s vintage ads found at various places on the web, not mine . (  source- Ebay and Pinterest )

 Jean Shrimpton in an Abe Schrader 60s dress-

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