Wednesday, July 30, 2014

B. O. R. N. to Style FYI show, but its on Hulu too!

B.O.R.N. 's owner Jonathan Bodrick what gorgeous clothes he wears on his new show. He mixes and matches what appeals to him, he's a fashion genius . I can't wait for more shows. Cheers Jonathan !
    Love  this gown!
 I'm so excited for this show! I hope we see many more episodes. The owner and his crew are fabulous and such fun to watch.  The music is  outstanding, the owner has such good taste. I want everything is his shop!!!!  Here's a sample of Born To Style, Borrowed, Old, Refurbish and New their style mantra ..... gosh I love it!

  I don't have cable, but I do have Hulu on my computer, there's only one episode on Hulu , so you better watch it quick.  Most episodes can be found on the FYI channel website. Unfortunately as I said before I don't have cable, so the older shows are blocked, rats. I'm glad I watched the first episode before it was deleted off of Hulu. Anyhow, enjoy this show,I know I will.

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