Friday, January 28, 2022

Bat Girl And Myself

  Have you tried the ReFace app? You gotta try it, what fun.  I got a giggle when I discovered my favourite gothic Edwardian photo was offered . I snapped it up immediately. I don't know how long it will be on the app? They changed them constantly.

This photograph was taken by Adele K.u.K Hof Atelier in the 1900's. It depicts a young girl in a bat costume with two bats on her outfit, one perched on her head like a fascinator and the other sewn to her chest to resemble a collar, very goth. This is the Austrian actress Maria Schleinzer. Google her, very interesting story. On the internet you can find additional photos of this photo shoot, she was such a cute gal.

Here is my version done with a Reface app on Google Play.  I have months to think about my Halloween costume, but this is definitely a goal.  I've seen gals posting photos of themselves in this costume, what a great idea. I'll check with Etsy first, you just never know what you'll find.

 No bat was harmed, it's a faux bat.

Friday, December 17, 2021

Loving my Ceil Chapman Gown Especially in my Novelty Socks

  This gown is my wonderful wounded bird, despite all its issues. The dress has had a life, been at parties, weddings and yes on stage. I got this gown years ago from a playhouse and was told it came from a very wealthy lady. She had fun in this dress. It has aged and the lady is long gone,but this style will remain classic . 

I was having a bad day , so this dress really cheered me up. Putting on an old damaged dress might seem silly to most, but it made me smile. I'm not about to tell you too much about the designer, because you can always Google her and I would bore you. All I can say, is that she was famous for her sculptural draping techniques, and the beautiful fabrics that she used. And I suppose I should mention that she designed a very famous dress that Marilyn Monroe had to be squeezed into, love that she was a huge fan of Chapman. In someways, I feel closer to Marilyn when I'm wearing a dress designer that she adored. This gown is too small for my frame, its a 32 bust and 26 waist, but it fits sort of. I think I need a  proper undergarment, so it fits better in the bust. I just didn't want to hurt myself by squeezing into this lovely gown. All I can say is that Marilyn was a brave gal!  I wonder if she liked novelty socks like myself.

                                      This will probably be the last time I will try on this dress before it's either fixed or sold. Hopefully the gals that were interested are real. There are so many scammers on the internet. You sometimes feel you cannot even trust "real" people. I do hope I can get this dress restored, so I can ask for a pretty penny. I need to pay bills!!!!  I hate when I do all this work and I get F***** LOWBALLED!!!!



                    Images found on Tumblr. Does anyone use Tumblr anymore?

               Lastly is gorgeous Marilyn in her Ceil Chapman, that she did not fit properly. Good for her!!!! Harold Lloyd took this photo with 3D stereoscopic photography. Sadly it wasn't used for her famous Life magazine cover from 1952. The photographer Philippe Halsman took that famous photo. Marilyn's dress was sculpted or what we call today a body- con dress with tons of ruching or gathering through out the entire dress

    I hope to one day again have a Ceil Chapman dress perhaps like this. I guess I should be happy just to own a gown, although it will need a lot of work. I plan to list it on my social media and keep it tucked away safe from sunlight and heat in my new studio outside of town. Big changes for me, hooray!

Thanks for checking out my blog! 

I hope you have a cool Yuletide and as Tiny Tim said in A Christmas Carol from 1843

" God bless us Every one! "

Monday, December 6, 2021

Vintage Irish Hourihan Victorian Style Walking Coat By Jimmy Hourihan


I've fallen in love with this gorgeous rare wool Irish "Victorian Walking"coat and you will too.

This coat is made by Jimmy Hourihan who is famous for  luxury wool coats and  walking capes. The capes are all over the internet, so they were big sellers back in the day and still are. My coat is pretty hard to locate. I checked with the website and to my surprise there were none like mine. Interesting. Probably cost too much to make nowadays. There are so many fake "China" copycat Victorian coats out there, be sure to purchase one that is real. You will only be mad when it starts to fall apart at the seams. I would invest in a coat like this one , so you will be the only one on the block with this coat. Don't look everyone else, be an original and wear classic vintage, like I do.

My coat is 100% tweed wool, dry clean only. This coat previous owner took such good care of her treasured coat. It's has no flaws, and no smells. I believe it was dry cleaned before I located it. I have it stored away from heat and sunlight in cool temp studio. 


 Vintage Victorian style Walking Wool Coat 


 Fully lined

 Made in Ireland 

 Long lasting style

 Raglan sleeves

 Princess style cut


 Gathered shoulders

 Good vintage condition 


Please email me at additional information 


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Friday, December 3, 2021

Joined Linktree to All My Social Media Here's My Short List

Here you will find, not only more vintage but things right out of my closet too.
 Here is my vintage collection from all eras. Check it out!
 Here is my vintage couture collection from all eras. Check it out!
 Here is my small vintage collection, with some "As Is" condition. Check it out!
Sorry my shop name on Ecrater has not been switched to GraveyardVintage , still contacting them to change it. The link does work! I have more vintage listed there as well.
And lastly I do have another fashion blog OnlyCouture , it has my old inventory from Babylon Mall long gone many years ago. This blog will have my couture vintage collection, such as Chanel, Pucci, Travilla, Halston, Gucci, Christian Dior, Pierre Balmain and many more. Check it out at this link below.


Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Gotta love this DeDe Johnson 50s print,the fox and hound ( yes, the fox gets away.) Every story gets a happy ending . Dede Johnson was a fashion designer that started the trend of the peddle pushers in the 50s and 60s. She has designed for such 50s tv shows such as Leave It To Beaver and the Dick Van Dyke show. Remember Laura Petrie? Yes, she wore those cute cigarette pants or peddle pushers and literately started a trend that would last forever. Anyhow, this skirt is on my To Dress Vintage website. The store name  about to change very soon to GRAVEYARD VINTAGE com.

   I offer FREE SHIPPING for the US only. If you're interested in this skirt, just message me. Thanks,now enjoy these photos.

Monday, September 23, 2019

I Got Good News...My GRAVEYARD VINTAGE Shop Is Now On Etsy!!!!

 I still have a lot to finish, my website name has to be changed, fingers crossed if I can. Go Daddy might not let me. OOPS!  My Blog will need a new name to match my brand. Bye Bye Joan Crawford and hello to my favorite Vampire icon pin up, Vampira from the 1950s. Love her!!!!