Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Gotta love this DeDe Johnson 50s print,the fox and hound ( yes, the fox gets away.) Every story gets a happy ending . Dede Johnson was a fashion designer that started the trend of the peddle pushers in the 50s and 60s. She has designed for such 50s tv shows such as Leave It To Beaver and the Dick Van Dyke show. Remember Laura Petrie? Yes, she wore those cute cigarette pants or peddle pushers and literately started a trend that would last forever. Anyhow, this skirt is on my To Dress Vintage website. The store name  about to change very soon to GRAVEYARD VINTAGE com.

   I offer FREE SHIPPING for the US only. If you're interested in this skirt, just message me. Thanks,now enjoy these photos.

Monday, September 23, 2019

I Got Good News...My GRAVEYARD VINTAGE Shop Is Now On Etsy!!!!

 I still have a lot to finish, my website name has to be changed, fingers crossed if I can. Go Daddy might not let me. OOPS!  My Blog will need a new name to match my brand. Bye Bye Joan Crawford and hello to my favorite Vampire icon pin up, Vampira from the 1950s. Love her!!!!

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Re-Opened My Etsy shop soon to be Graveyard Vintage

 It took some soul searching to change things, but I decided to go back to Etsy until I make it work again. I've been scared to get lost in the shuffle , but now things somehow seem different.  They are helping us with making sales. I have been offering FREE SHIPPING, but now Etsy encourages  it , which now seems fair for everyone. Okay off my soap box. Vintage has been my passion for many years, that's primarily why I went into this business so on with the show....

I'm just waiting for Etsy to get back to me on my shop's name. Fingers crossed.... Our Lucy Ricardo took it literally. Note her eyes . Ha ha!!!! Graveyard Vintage here I come!!!!!

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Cuteness Alert.....My Pet Pig.

 Meet Pepper " Barnabas Collins" , he's the runt out of the litter, but healthy and happy. This is my first time owning a pig, so I'm excited and stressed at the same time. My little niinimoshenh gookoosh( pig in Ojibwe) . We are in for a big adventure. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Gorgeous Eva In Her $15.00 Vintage Dress

Wow! Eva Mendes shared this on her Instagram 3 days ago and I'm still thrilled to see it. I buy and wear lower priced vintage dresses all the time. She makes me proud to be a lower end vintage seller. One of my dresses I got for 50 cents, and I still have it in my collection. So it goes to show that money doesn't matter when it comes to what you like. Wear it with style, as the old saying goes and you be glad you did.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Just A Sneak Peek At My September Inventory

    I have gathered together some fun vintage coming your way.  Here's a sneak peek at some labels and their swatches, all seasons in one quick blog. I will have these listed on my website and on my Ebay listing graveyardvintage_999 very shortly.

First up is this label possibly from the late 70s. SALLYIII , not familiar with this label. This dress is a plaid day dress about a size medium. The colors of this plaid are more like the bottom picture. A perfect day dress for this coming autumn. Listing shortly.

Here is a wonderful bright colored pop art resort gown, these are highly collectible.  Yes I know it's the end of summer here in the Pacific Northwest, but it must be summer somewhere. This one is so cool! Check out the print.
The bottom picture is the true color, its a purple not pink. I believe this one might be from the late 60s.  This is the most wild pattern, guaranteed to grab everyone's attention at the pool or beach resort. Look out folks.

This dress has a bit of a sensational background, the family of this clothing line in 2005 are now doing time. You have to Google this label, too much to explain. Poor little rich family, boo hoo you lost your lifestyle , reputation and your fashion empire in one fell swoop. This 1980s dress is a little black party dress with a 1950s look by the infamous Ronen Young. Coming soon...

  This is a transition from summer to early autumn dress, the dress is by Joan Curtis a 1970s clothing line. This one is a simple sleeveless, belted day dress perfect for a layered style for this coming fall. About a size medium, coming soon...

 Up next has to be one of my favorite collectible vintage labels, Gunne Sax. These dresses are now getting harder to find in modern day sizes; I have sold some in the past that were extra small , sometimes buyers just buy them for their patterns and repurposed them.  I had one with unicorns, I wonder if the lady was going to repurposed it or wear it.  This one is a short day dress very Victorian , a simple school girl dress with crochet bib and done in burgundy .  Stay tuned you'll love this one.

 This label I have never seen, it's a mystery to me. I love the font and  art design. I am very sure this one is from the late 1950s by the art work on the label. This one might have been someone's prom outfit and they decided to go against the grain and wear palazzo pants or romper. Stay tuned for this show stopper.

  I've saved the best for last. This one has a Playboy connection that I was not aware of. The art designer of this last dress worked for Playboy and did some their famous sexy cartoons. Wow , what you learn on the internet. Anyhow it does not have what you think ... get your mind out of the gutter.

Check out this sweet tiger face and clothes line initials. This dress is a 60s shift dress and very collectible in the vintage world. It will be available shortly, so stay tuned.

Thanks for checking out my vintage collection. If you have any questions or comments just message me at cabbiekat@hotmail.com. All spam will be blocked.

Thanks again!