Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Adding more vintage dresses to my new website! Coming soon stay tuned.

I'm finally setting up my website, please stay tuned. Here are some of my lovelies that I will be selling soon, some are already in my Etsy Shop, and some I have at my vendor's stand. I plan to regroup and add my collection of dresses slowly, I have nearly 15 years worth of a collection, wow!!! I'm always buying more. I will not be trading on my website, only selling and buying vintage. Since branching out on my own website, I will be selling all eras, hooray! All these lovelies will be available for purchase soon. If interested in any of these garments, look for them on my Etsy shop for now and my new website or email me at Thanks!


Rita Gibson said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Your dresses and outfits are definitely chic and elegant. I'm sure ladies who love your style and aesthetic will flock to your shop once the word gets out that it's open. Thank you so much for sharing those lovely pictures of the items in your store! More power to you and your venture.

Rita Gibson @ YEAH

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